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What To Expect From Aging

Posted by 3coatsuzi on March 19, 2016 at 2:40 PM
Aging cannot be changed , it's how to deal with it that can.Often times older people feel more useless and less listened to,mostly by family members , this can cause frustration,anxiety or depression .But!There is good news don't take it personally ! IT may feel personal but remember your self worth,your own value,and yes, speak up when the need arises.You are a human being with feelings and a God given brain.God does not expect you to be treated like a lump of clay with no brain and no voice.You may not be better than anyone else but your just as good.It's harder for the elderly with disabilities to make a move,like when they were younger but it's not impossible.Weigh out the pros and cons in whatever decision making you do.Maybe you can work things out where you are Don't be hasty either.Just because your not as young as you were doesn't mean you aren't still you.Patience is a virtue.

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