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Posted by 3coatsuzi on March 19, 2016 at 5:50 PM
Had a very scary dream about myself ,followed by a couple good dreams about a couple other people.The scary dream shook me for days.I called both of my sisters and talked with a professional,that's how scary it was.What do dreams accomplish in our waking life?They help us see a need or desire for change in a certain area in our life.Some dreams although frightening can be good.They can warn us when something is wrong that our waking life was to afraid to deal with.The term See no evil,Hear no evil,Speak no evil,comes from being afraid of making a mistake,or being aware of other persons mistakes.While,yes,we should try to lessen our mistakes we will never be able to avoid them altogether.Let God be my light,let not the devil be my guide is a little prayer I say when I get scared.If God be my light and is directing my path then he'll show me what I need to do,I don't have to cover my eyes and plug my ears and be afraid of every word I say if God be light and the devil is not my guide.Anything that you do that causes hurt and pain is not from God being your light.Next time you have a bad dream,look inside yourself and see if changes need to be made.It's actually a blessing in disguise.

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